Report Scams

Volume S1, from the Internet Scams Revealed series

Who This Book Is For:

  1. Non-technical people who spend a lot of time with email and/or on social media websites and would like to know how to report scams
  2. People who who want to save time and have all the important links for reporting scams in one place
  3. People who want to know what steps to take if they become a victim of a scam
  4. People who want to know some tips for how to prevent becoming a victim of a scam
  5. People who want to gift this to someone they know

When You Read This Book, You Will Be Able To:

  1. Know what the first step is once you've become a scam victim
  2. Know how to report your scam experience to federal authorities
  3. Know how to report your scam experience to non-profit organizations focused on this
  4. Know where to post your scam experience online
  5. Know how to create a stronger password

Book Description:

Save time! Online fraud and social media scams are on the rise - arm yourself with knowledge *before* you become the next scam victim. But if you DO become a victim, you need this supplement resource guide for how to report your scam.

Volume 1 covers the Top 10 Email Scams (978-1938831003), and Volume 2 covers Social Media Scams (978-1-938831027).

In REPORT SCAMS of the Internet Scams Revealed series, I've collected up important resource links for reporting your scam so you (or someone you know) doesn't have to look all over the Internet. You will want to focus your energy on reporting the crime, not searching all over for who you can turn to.

This supplemental resource guide explores more in depth:

  • first steps to take once you've become a victim
  • government agency resources
  • non-profit organizations focused on scams and consumer complaints
  • reporting scams in other countries
  • email reporting links
  • social media reporting links
  • protection tips

Highly readable and accessible, this supplemental resource guide will save you time and give you piece of mind so that you can reach out to those resources you need when you've become a victim of an Internet scam.

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