Top 10 Email Scams

Volume 1, from the Internet Scams Revealed series

Who This Book Is For:

  1. Non-technical people who receive a lot of scam emails and would like to know how to recognize them more quickly
  2. People selling online who want to learn how to recognize scam customers before handling any money
  3. People who want to know how to recognize email scams immediately and help their friends not become victims

When You Read This Book, You Will Be Able To:

  1. Know what an email scam is
  2. Know how the top 10 email scams work
  3. Know what the top 10 email scams look like
  4. Know how to avoid the top 10 email scams
  5. Know what steps to take if you have been scammed
  6. Know the steps to take for identity theft

Book Description:

Top 10 Email Scams, Volume 1 in the Internet Scams Revealed series, is a practical easily understood guide for how to recognize and avoid current email scams active on the Internet today. Written with the non-technical person in mind, this book will explain how scams work, red flag clues for recognizing a scam before you become a victim, and actual email examples on the top 10 most common email scams in use. This volume explores more in depth:

  • who the scammers are
  • where scammers get your email address from
  • the top 10 email scams
    • what they are
    • how they work
    • how to recognize them
    • how to avoid them
    • real email examples
  • what to do if you've been scammed
  • dealing with identity theft
Highly readable and accessible, this book provides you with the tools you need to recognize and avoid losing your money to despicable scammers.

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