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We DO NOT accept money orders or checks. All orders need to be placed through our distributing partners or through our website directly.

Sales of our printed paperbacks are handled through Amazon.

I write for a newspaper, magazine (online service, etc.); how do I request a review copy of a book?
Fax a request for consideration to the Publicity Department on your company letterhead at 1-888-519-4403. Or E*mail us with relevant information of your company name, blog or magazine name, size of audience, etc. to assist us in making a decision. Review copies are sent digitally. No telephone inquiries, please.

Will Kathleen come speak to our group about Safety on the Internet?
Kathleen would be happy to come speak to your group on this important topic. Please e*mail us with your request and relevant information of your group name, size of group, needs, and we will provide more information on costs. Can optionally include time for book signings. Availability for speaking engagements based upon Kathleen's schedule. No telephone inquiries, please.

How can I get permission to use a part of a book (or book cover) for a project I'm working on?
Please Fax a request about permissions and rights on your company letterhead to the Copyrights Department at 1-888-519-4403. Or E*mail us. No telephone inquiries, please.

How can I ask questions about my book order?
If you purchased items from one of our distributing partners (Amazon, for example), you will need to followup with their customer service regarding any orders. If you purchased items directly from our website and need Customer Service, please E*mail us.

How can I join your newsletter to get updates on your books?
Please send your e*mail and we will add you to the list. Subscribe

How can I ask just a general question?
If you have a general inquiry, comment or need help with the website, please E*mail us.

You can also interact with Kathleen via her Twitter Page, her Facebook Page, or her Blog.