Kathleen McMahon's Bio

Kathleen McMahon has been in the hi-tech industry since 1983, working on the team that built the first file management program for the DOS operating system, XTREE. She has also been a Director of Technical Support in a large software company that later became part of Digital Equipment Corporation. Prior to the Internet, she became the first woman SYSOP in California of rBBSnet, which was a store-and-forward system pre-dating the Internet. With the advent of the Internet, and once browsers were invented to show images, Kathleen created one of the very first art-related websites on the Internet,, which remains today as an active community of professional artisan glassblowers. In 1995, she also authored the book, "In Search of Arts & Crafts on the Internet" (ISBN: 0964721902) to help early users of the Internet find art-related images and resources that were, at the time, mostly university-based. The book also provided the early abbreviations and ASCII smilies lexicon of the Internet.

From CraftWEB, she co-founded a successful 15-year online advertising agency business and then went solo again to provide professional Internet consulting services for website development, graphic design services, Internet marketing, Internet career coaching, and workshops ( - all of which she does currently in addition to writing and painting. Her fine art paintings can be found at

Kathleen has been providing advice on how to recognize and avoid Internet scams for many years. She finally formalized this unofficial service on her blog, StopArtScams where she provides a platform for users to post the scam emails they receive so that it can be shared in a public format and help alert others in avoiding falling victim to these scams. She then launched StopArtScams on Facebook to reach a wider audience. More recently, she expanded beyond helping artists and wrote a series of books on Internet Scams continues the conversation helping all kinds of people recognize and avoid these scams on her author Twitter Page, her Facebook Page, and her Blog Page.

Kathleen has a growing collection of book titles, which can be found at