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Author & "Anti-Scam Samurai" Expert Announces Release Of Book on Social Media Scams

[ San Francisco, CA January 15, 2013 ] Self-described "Anti-Scam Samurai" expert and author Kathleen McMahon has announced the release of 'Social Media Scams', the second volume in a series of books on how to recognize and avoid today's Internet scams.

In August, 2012 author Kathleen McMahon published the first volume in a new series called, "Internet Scams Revealed." She began with the most pressing scam topic people experience - email scams. "Top 10 Email Scams" (ISBN: 978-1-938831-00-3) reviews the ten most popular email scams online today, how to recognize them, and how to protect yourself against becoming a scam victim.

Her newest addition to the series, "Social Media Scams," - released today, takes her informative but easy conversational writing style to the next big frontier for scammers - social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, eBay, and more. There is a trivia-rich chapter on how all the different social media websites came into prominence, and then a chapter on each of the top social media websites, with how to recognize scams on each platform, and how to protect against becoming a victim.

"Internet scammers are becoming particularly good at mimicking legitimate emails, and "real" people online. People have come to realize the "person" they've been interacting with for months or even years on Facebook or a dating site are, in fact, made-up profiles to trick people," said Ms. McMahon, "and of course businesses and individuals trying to sell things online are dealing every day with scammers who pretend to want to buy something in order to steal money from the seller. It is a rampant problem."

One reader wrote to Kathleen and said, "This was a perfect gift to give my parents. They feel so much more confident to be online and I worry about them less."

Kathleen McMahon is available for media interviews or to come speak to your group about staying safe while using the Internet. She can be reached using the information below. The paperback version of 'Social Media Scams' (ISBN: 978-1-938831-02-7) is available on Amazon. The ebook version is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as her website at


Author Kathleen McMahon was born in New Jersey, but has lived all of her adult life in California. Her knowledge and expertise with computers and the internet is built upon 30 years experience in the high-tech industry. She brings a balance of technical knowledge and creative expression to her consulting, speaking, writing and fine art activities. Kathleen launched one of the first art-related websites on the Internet in 1994 and in 1995 authored the book, "In Search of Arts & Crafts on the Internet". She currently hosts an active blog and Facebook page where users share their scam email experiences. When she's not writing or consulting with her Internet clients, she can be found creating fine art, primarily California landscape paintings. A free newsletter to keep updated on new releases is available via her website.


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