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Social Media Scams by Kathleen McMahon


"Social Media Scams", Volume 2 in my Internet Scams Revealed Series is now available on Amazon in both eBook format and Paperback Print format. You can visit my Amazon Author Page to read more about this new release, as well as Volume 1, Top 10 Email Scams.

This series is based on my longtime blogs Stop Art Scams and KTMObooks Blog, as well my Facebook pages Stop Art Scams and KTMObooks, and my Twitter feed KTMObooks.


Beware of Fake Facebook Emails // Lately, I've been receiving an inordinate amount of phishing emails that look like they are coming from Facebook. I have 'new Facebook messages', my Facebook account 'has been suspended', I have a message from the 'Facebook IT department', Facebook 'Support' is emailing me, and I have Facebook 'notifications' waiting to check. [...]



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